Thermos Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle


Insulated stainless steel sippy cup

This 18 oz Thermos water bottle is terrific. It claims to keep beverages cold for 12-hours, and often I’ll find ice in the bottle from use the day before. It features a wide mouth construction which makes it easy to fill, even with ice cubes. The cap sports a nifty hinged pop-up top that can be opened and closed with one hand and doesn’t require removing the lid. It offers an adult “sippy cup” spout. It also features a safety latch to insure no spills during transport.

The stainless steel does not sweat so it won’t leave rings and the rubber mid section grip has a good “hand feel”. It’s great for the gym, the beach or the car, and fits most cup holders. For liability issues, it’s advertised for cold beverages only, but many of the BB reviews say it work just as well for hot beverages.
Thermos Nissan 2465 18-Ounce Stainless-Steel Hydration Bottle-1.jpeg
It is perhaps the most stylish and utilitarian product I use on a daily basis. At $15 on sale from both Walmart and Amazon it’s a little more than a standard steel water bottle but it offers so many features it’s well worth it. I have two, and will probably get several more as the summer progresses. All in all,it’s one of my favorite things, and its hard to keep it out of my kids hands

-- Thomas Winberry 07/13/11