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Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator


Rugged beverage can insulator

We’ve got some of those standard foam can koozies (I looked that up) that aren’t really very effective, are kind of a pain to use and are starting to tear up. Time to upgrade.

I stumbled onto some metal/vacuum models made by Thermos. Having always had good luck with Thermos devices, I bought two of their Stainless Steel Can Insulators. This was late last year, when it was already cool, so 1), it really wasn’t the ideal time to “test” these things, and 2) I tend to drain a can pretty quickly. My wife, on the other hand, tends to nurse her sodas, so she’s the one who’d say if they do their job well.

I was immediately impressed by the fit & finish of these things. Set a can on top of one, and it just slides in nicely. Easy to remove – especially compared to a foam type. The rubberish seal at the top is also the grippy part, so it sits very nicely in hand.

And they provide a noticeably better life-of-a-cool-drink. My wife was a doubter but has come to really appreciate these things. Faster than prepping a glass with ice, and leaves no condensation rings behind. Now that it’s warmer, the effectiveness of these things is even more obvious. Pretty dang good, for sure.

They’re sleek, not blimped up. In fact, they fit in car cup-holders, which is arguably some sort of a good thing, but will also give you an idea of their sleekness.

Keep in mind that, while very good, these things aren’t magic. Drinks will warm in them, but it’s slowed down a lot. And there’s no fighting to get cans in/out. Way better than those foam things. Pricier too, of course, but they’re stainless steel and should last a very long time.


-- Wayne Ruffner 07/14/15