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Tide data, like time and gps coordinates, now flows freely almost anywhere you desire, so there is no reason not to tap into this stream. Plugged into the data I feel more in tune with the outside, and better prepared when I head to the shores.

Downloadable applications like Mr. Tide 3 for the Mac can chart tide highs and lows on any day you want anywhere in the world. Mr Tides displays results in a brilliant visual graph (image below).

But usually all I want to know is what is the tide right now, and for that purpose widgets are perfect. One keystroke and the answer pops up on my screen. There are two free tide widgets for the Mac. In both you set your preferred default place, and then when you invoke the widgets screen it will display current tides and highs and lows for the day. Tide Widget is simplicity itself and works better on my PowerPC version Mac, while Tide App shows the sunset and sunrises as well but prefers an Intel Mac. For 99% of the time, Tide Widget gives me exactly what I need instantly. (Tell me which Windows widgets are best and I’ll append them here.)

Yes, you can get the Tide App for your iPhone (I haven’t used it there yet), or the previously-reviewed Tide Tool for your Treo.

— KK


Tide App
Free, available from TideApp


Tide Widget
Free, available from August Hahn

Mr. Tides
Free, available from August Hahn

(top pic via National Renewable Energy Lab)


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