Tiltall Tripod


Still the best tripod

The Tiltall is a classic; it’s been around for at least 40 years. Luckily, they didn’t change much over the years, other than it is newly available in a non-reflecting black. Made of aluminum, it’s impervious to rust and the weather. The Tiltall’s tubular legs are incredibly sturdy, and the simple locking mechanisms secure over time. Unlike most other tripods I’ve used it doesn’t ever wiggle. Like its name implies, it can easily tilt in any direction (most tripods can’t). It is not the lightest tripod, but it is utterly reliable and will last as long as you will.

Tripods are good for supporting all kinds of apparatus besides cameras. They can hold anything you need to remain steady at weird angles or heights. I attach a plastic platform to its standard 1/4 bolt on top which means I have an adjustable stand for a projector and other equipment like lights, shades, telescopes, and so forth.

-- KK 08/22/03