Tinkle Hair Cutter


Cut your hair as you comb it

The Tinkle Hair Cutter is a comb-like device that contains a pair of high-end, platinum-coated razor blades (standard safety razor size), bought separately. One combs one’s hair with it and lots of hair comes off. Better-looking results are obtained when a second person does the combing. It’s probably too crude to be much use with women’s hair. The blades last for up to 20 strokes. I’ve tried the more expensive Seki Edge razor-comb cutter. It has a couple of adjustments that ought to be helpful. (Edge angle and handle angle.) But I didn’t find them to be so. And it presents only two razor-edges, not four, so it needs tedious reloading sooner. The Tinkle has a 4.3 star reviewer rating on Amazon on nearly 2000 reviews.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 3.15.58 PM

-- Roger Knights 05/8/20