Tire Tote

Maneuverable wheel covers

I’ve been using these Totes for more than a couple years now to store snow tires I swap on for only a fraction of the year. I also use one for the spare I keep in my trunk. They make moving the tires around really easy and the clean factor is definitely part of the attraction, for both the trunk and the garage. My garage is small and full of stored, well-organized items, but I have to shuffle items to get at certain things. A stack of bagged tires neatly stored and easily moved is a plus. I can quickly grab and move two tires at a time and stay clean doing it. I also don’t get dirty brushing past the stack or having to reach over it. The bags are made of polyester and nylon and the stitching is strong. I haven’t had any tearing or loose threads. They’re not something I was looking to buy for myself, but a friend got me my first set as a gift. I then bought the one for my spare and I’ve also started buying these for friends and family.

— Fred Moss

Tire Tote
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Manufactured by Motivation Design, LLC


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