General Purpose Tools

Titanium Nitride Shop Snip

Powerful scissors/snips


I find myself reaching for this titanium nitride shop snip a couple of times per week. It is like nice sharp pair of scissors with (almost) the power of tinsnips. It is VERY sharp and will cut through tough materials like vinyl cove base, nylon pallet strapping, or rope quite easily.

I recently had to cut some vinyl trim that was too thick for scissors but got mangled up with tinsnips. This tool cut the material perfectly.

Fiskars says this about the Titanium Nitride coating: “EXTREMELY DURABLE Titanium Nitride coating resists wear, nicks and scratches as well as corrosive chemicals and sticky substances while reducing friction for easier cuts.”

I found the rubber grip is comfortable and the tool is very easy to control. It seems very well made. It has nice little touches, such as, the tab that keeps the blades locked closed is powder-coated.


This is a Cool Tools favorite from 2017

-- John Nichols 11/4/21

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2005 — editors)

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