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Nomadico issue #17

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Hanging Toiletry Kits in Two Sizes
One thing I always pack in my actual suitcase/backpack (and not my laptop bag) is a hanging toiletry kit that doesn’t depend on having ample counter space. I have two different sizes: a small Sea to Summit one for carry-ons and a larger Eagle Creek one for when I’ve got space in a checked bag. Even the cheapest hotels have a place to hang something in the bathroom and these keep everything organized with slots and pockets.

Notable European Train Trips
With budget airline flights within Europe being so cheap, it’s easy to forget all the reasons why a train trip is much more pleasant — and better for the planet. This article from The Points Guy highlights four train journeys where getting there is a joy instead of a pain. This one starting September 1 is especially intriguing: Stockholm, Sweden to Hamburg, Germany (or vice versa) in an overnight sleeper.

Online City Guides for Nomads
Earlier we highlighted a cities round-up site called NomadList and this alternative follows a similar template: WeNomad. There’s plenty to quibble with in the cost-of-living estimates in their crowdsourced city guides, but one great feature is a list of Facebook groups and message boards for cities so you can hit the ground running. – via Claudia Dawson

Gadgets That Make Life Easier
This Guardian UK article listing 31 inexpensive purchases that can make life better features a number of items that are travel-related. It includes a headlamp (get a rechargeable one), a portable Bluetooth speaker (ditto), a small digital luggage scale, binoculars (powerful ones are available in small sizes these days), and an eye mask. That last one is an inexpensive upgrade for a long flight.


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