Living on the Road

Tool Box Grill

Compact travel BBQ

The Tool Box Grill is the best portable, tabletop barbecue grill we’ve ever owned. This gas-powered grill is a good size and is easy to use anywhere (we are full-time RVer’s). The handle on top makes it easy to carry, the grill is very stable, and there are no vents in the bottom, meaning no greasy mess (there’s a built-in grease tray, too) and the grill doesn’t dirty up the compartment where we store it. The grill heats up quickly (I mostly cook with medium heat, sometimes low), but is completely cool and ready to store by the time the meal is finished, and it closes up quick just like a tool box. We used the less expensive charcoal model several years ago and switched to gas when it became available (no ash to empty out after).

-- Gwen H. 04/9/07

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