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Tool Tales: Story Tape


Joke Measuring Tape

Story Tape started out as an April Fool’s joke. The folks at Lee Valley Tools assumed people would enjoy reading about the fictional product (a spool of retractable blank measuring tape that you can write notes on with a Sharpie pen), but their R&D team liked the idea so much that they decided to put them into production. I can imagine a couple of different uses for them — measuring your child’s growth, and marking the width and depth of your car’s trunk. What else?

-- Mark Frauenfelder 03/27/13



Story Tape — the only measurement system that's exactly as accurate as you are! Not only is it compact (and affordable to ship), when the tape is not in use, the recorded measurements are cleverly retracted into the integral case, where they are protected from damage, wear, or fading. The luxurious yellow composite case has a sprung lower lip that cushions the datum surface hook from any possibility of impact distortion due to over-exuberant measurement stowage. The recording surface has been carefully designed to reflect the widest spectrum possible in the visible light frequency range, ensuring that it's usable everywhere your eyes are. Custom precision measurements can be permanently recorded with fine-tip alcohol-based permanent markers. This tape can truly tell a tale.

(Thanks to Doug French for sending us this. — editors)

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