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Tormek Sharpening System


Reliable professionaly razor sharp edges

Although I had read about it, I never really understood how much of difference really sharp tools make until I got a Tormek sharpening system. I know that a skilled carpenter can get a good edge with wet stone, but I never could. Until I got a Tormek, my chisels, gouges, and plane knives were sharpest when new. Now, I wouldn’t consider trying to cut wood with the semi-dull edges that come home from the store. At $400, the Tormek sharpening system seems like a lot, but now that I know know what “finely honed” really means I consider it one of the best investments in my shop.

— Danny Hillis

Tormek Sharpening System
$390 from, among others:
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Manufactured by
Sharp Tools USA