Torque Engine Diagnostic App and OBDII Reader


Engine diagnostic tool

For years, every time I had a “check engine” light pop up I thought about plopping down $100 or more for an OBDII code scanner. I could never rationalize the cost of the the device and the limited benefits that it could give me (being limited to simply reading and perhaps resetting codes).

However, that’s all changed. Now if you have an Android phone or tablet there is a much less expensive and much more useful alternative. An app called Torque Pro available in the Android Marketplace provides an amazingly customizable dashboard of information. Among others, and depending on the vehicle you own, it can display transmission temperatures, 0-60 speed timings, and track CO2 emissions. The application is capable of graphing all the analytics, or outputting to a PC. Recently, the things that I have been using the most are instant and average fuel economy statistics.

The OBDII interface that connects your car to the Torque app can be used by any bluetooth enabled code reader (Torque has provided a list of all compatible devices). The one I use and recommend is the ELM 327 bluetooth OBDII scanner that I picked up on Amazon for around $20, but most compatible units will work just as well.

-- Karl Hafer Jr 09/7/11


torque screenshot.jpeg
The application has a customizable dashboard that can be used to track horsepower, CO2 emissions, and transmission temperatures among other variables.

(If anybody knows of an equivalent iOS, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry application, we'd love to hear about it. --OH — editors)