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Tory Leather Belt


Solid belts at a great price

Solid leather belts are a staple but are often rather expensive for quality ones made with thick, durable leather and strong, solid brass buckles that won’t tarnish. Companies like Tanner Goods start at $100. Filson Belts, Shinola, and the other nationally popular ones are all pretty expensive as well. For a similar value but lower cost, look to horse ‘tack’ leather companies. Yes, they make halters, bridles, and reins, but they also make human belts.

My favorite belts are from a company called Tory Leather in Williamsport, PA (home of little league and a stone’s throw from the storied Woolrich Woolen Mills.) You can get their great, solid belts starting at just below $40. While they don’t sell directly from their website, Tack Room Inc. is an online retailer that seems to carry a large selection of their belts. They also make great quality leather pet accessories, too, at a fraction of the cost of those other high-end brands. In general, other leather tack companies provide valuable leather products for relatively low prices. A very cool thing.

Bonus hint: welding glove manufacturers make some of the best and cheap all-purpose leather gloves. Do yourself a favor and pick up a couple of pairs of Tillman’s from your local welding gas supplier.

-- Jeffrey Smith 02/3/23

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