Living on the Road


Musician touring tips

I don’t have a band, but if I did, I would use this book to guide me through the intricacies of touring. That’s the new economics of the music: a returning emphasis on live performance. This fat book is the best guidance I’ve seen for emerging musical artists. It is brutally honest, remarkably wise, and extremely helpful. Atkins is really good at extracting lessons. There are testimonies not just from many other musicians, but their roadies, agents, bus-drivers, managers, fans, and all the other folks you will need supporting you. This book is so good, in fact, anyone “touring,” including authors, dancers, filmmakers would find pats of it useful. In the new economy, your live presence is more valuable than copies of your past work. Here’s how to maximize your presence with the least hassles, and hopefully make a living do it.

Practicing what he preaches, author Martin Atkins offers live interactions, chats, lectures, performances, and email correspondence versions of his advice. Another kind of touring.


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