Tovolo Silicone Mixing Spoon


Durable and flexible mixing spoons

Without pontificating about the long history of spoons and new materials like silicone, the combination of the two by Tovolo is remarkable in their mixing spoons ($10). The relatively soft silicone won’t damage cooking surfaces or anything else really. The silicone cleans easily too, and the stainless handle also cleans up fast. The bowl and handle are both stiff enough for vigorous mixing. Being non-porous, they have an advantage over wood, too, in resisting the growth of nasties. Depending on where you look in Amazon (there are various entries), there are up to nine bright colors of these things, and they’ve been making both solid & slotted models for a long time; the pair in our kitchen we picked up a decade ago, I think, and they still look new. They’re available in various cooking/kitchen shops as well.

-- Wayne Ruffner 08/6/19

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