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Disposable urinal

I’ve used these for several years, and they’re great when the need to urinate calls but no facilities are accessible. I’ve found them useful while flying in small planes that don’t have a toilet, and also when I didn’t want to leave my tent in the middle of a rainy night to relieve myself. Long lines for the Port-A-Potties at the airshow with your kids? Problem solved.

I learned of the piddle pack concept while serving in the USAF. Back in the day it was a plastic bag with a sponge that wasn’t always successful absorbing all the urine. The technology these days, similar to what you’d find in a disposable diaper, is much better. A biodegradable polymer within the bag turns your liquid input into an odorless gel that won’t spill, and a unisex collar makes it ideal for the whole family. Keep some in your glove compartment. You won’t be sorry.

-- Sean Lally 07/6/09

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