Traveler Gifts/Geography Misconceptions/Short Flight Bans

Nomadico issue #30

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Gifts That Travelers Actually Want
Yeah I know, every blogger and her brother does some kind of “gifts for travelers” post over the holidays, but these from me are different, promise. No aromatherapy candles or goops, just items that will actually get used and some under-$25 ones to consider, including a few that we’ve featured in this newsletter.

Geography Misconceptions
Even the savviest world traveler will probably find a few beliefs upended in this beautiful Misconceptions world map presentation. A few that might blow your mind: 1) All of South America is east of Jacksonville, FL. 2) The northern coast of Africa is at roughly the same latitude as Norfolk, VA.

Caravans of Americans Headed to Mexico
In a surprise to nobody except news outlets, the Mexican government noted that a record number of Americans applied for and received residency this year in the first nine months, up 85% over 2019. Putting the media chatter in perspective though, it was less than 9,000 people, which is probably Tuesday’s customer count for a busy Mexico City taco stand.

Saving the Planet by Train Trips
What if your travel choices had to be environmentally friendly? What if the answer to, “I need to get there quickly” was “Too bad.”? That question is now in the public discussion in France thanks to a ban on short-haul flights designed to make you take the power-efficient train.


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