Treat Your Own Neck

Neck pain manual

Treat Your Own Neck saved my neck! The book is very thin but packed with the info you need to treat your neck pain. The author clearly explains the physiology of the neck, and describes specific exercises to treat specific types of neck pain/injury. The exercises are simple, but not intuitive.

About a year ago I got a bulged disc in my neck. This had never happened before, and I had no idea what was going on. I had very limited movement and what movement I had was very painful. At first, I thought it was just a sore or stiff neck from an awkward bike riding position, or a slight workout injury. As it progressively worsened over the next couple of weeks I started to realize this was more serious. A visit to my MD and a referral to a neurologist confirmed the bulged disc diagnosis. What was their advice for me? Basically a shrug, and they said, “Sometimes it goes away, sometimes you just have to live with it.” They offered me some muscle relaxants. I couldn’t believe that was all modern medicine had to offer.

I was a little panicked, to be honest. I wasn’t really interested in being partially disabled. I remembered a couple of friends who’d experienced debilitating back problems. They both solved their own issues using some exercises out of book. I figured maybe there was something in there for me, too. Turns out the author, Robin McKenzie, wrote a book for backs, AND a book for necks!

Personally, I’d never have figured this out on my own. By following the exercises in the book my neck pain was reduced the first day, and eliminated within two weeks. For my particular symptoms, the book provided just one specific exercise, and suggested some postural changes while sitting and sleeping. Though my bulged disc is gone, I continue to use this exercise whenever I have a stiff or sore neck (bad posture at work, or long drives), and continue to find immediate relief.

The book is the price of an insurance co-payment and, for me at least, worth many times what I paid.

-- Brendon Connelly 05/26/10

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