Living on the Road

Trico Force Windshield Wipers


Treated rubber element for a smoother, quieter wipe

Recently my small nuclear family decided to embark upon a road trip to visit our family to the north. Fortune cursed us on our trip with a sudden tempest of rain and snow. Our long road trip got even longer and the miles became accursed, for my conventional wiper blades would not cease their incessant squeaking! A shrill “SCREEE-AAAAHH” repeating every second, drawing each painful and uncomfortable moment on the road into infinity!

Never was I able to adjust the fine-tune speed control on my wiper knob to match the level of rain fall on our windscreen. This road trip devolved into a nightmarish purgatory as the miles crept by, my nerves shattered… I was a hollow shell of a man upon our arrival. Never again, I declared, would I listen to one more screech of that amplified torture device known as my windshield wiper!

I curtly made my way to a local purveyor of auto parts and demanded their finest windshield wiper available. A kind hearted young woman made the highest recommendation of the Trico Force wipers. I quickly compensated said establishment for a pair of these quality blades and installed them on my vehicle.

With the first flick of my console switch the blades lept into action and made a noise as sweet as dewy turf to wayworn feet… the sound of silence. Upon our return trip the Trico force blades laughed in the face of morning dew, drizzle, rain, sleet, snow and even wet road grime.

A finer windshield wiper has not been made. I highly recommend them for everyone in every environment, for ease of mind, preservation of sanity and the utmost in visual safety.

-- Seth Wilson 10/28/16