TropicScreen Mosquito Tent


Premium freestanding net

Do you know someone going on a government-paid excursion to the middle east dressed in Army fatigues? Mosquito netting is a must. There’s a misunderstanding that the Army supplies you all you need in the field. Nope. I may have been able to get my hands on an Army issued net a few months AFTER mosquito season… but instead we used the Epco TropicScreen II, the Cadillac of mosquito nets. The Tropicscreen is the only freestanding mosquito net we found that would work with an army cot. It has a floor too! It also turned out to be far easier to pack than the standard “mosquito bar” such as the backpacking nets reviewed in CoolTools. Weight wasn’t a huge issue (since we were never too far from vehicles), but speed of assembly/disassembly was crucial. I bought a TropicScreen from Campmor, who conveniently ships to APO addresses.

-- Frank Black 02/25/05