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Tube Wringer

Maximize contents held in tube containers

My new favorite tool is the Tube Wringer ($28), from Gill Mechanical.

From their website: “The Tube-Wringer efficiently squeezes the contents from tubes of caulk, glue, medical compounds, adhesives, and toothpaste. Nearly indestructible, the Tube-Wringer will last a lifetime under normal use and pay for itself in short order.”

In addition to sqeezing every little bit out of just about any tube, the squeezed part is left with a zig-zag texture so future usage doesn’t undo the squeezing. Tubes are left efficiently squeezed, and cool looking. My only problem is that I wish I had more partially-used tubes available because it’s so satisfying to squeeze every last bit out of them.

-- Sally Rosenthal 02/27/19

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2003 — editors)

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