Twitteree Recommendations Wanted

Who are the best twitterers?

I signed up for Twitter a year ago. I haven’t used it much. Here is the sad state of things:

I’ve made one post a year ago just to try it out, but now I have 888 followers. I have no idea who these are, because I’ve never made a second twitter. I am sure when I finally do post my second tweet, half will leave because they’ll feel I am twittering too frequently.

The reason I don’t twitter myself is I don’t know what a good twitterer is. Before I started blogging I began reading the best blogs so I could then write what I would like to read. I don’t read great twitters so I am ignorant of what I want to do.

All you active twitters out there can help me, and in turn help others who are on the fence about Twitter. I’d like recommendations for fabulous twitterees to follow. I’ll follow them for a while and then I’ll report back to Cool Tools on any (if any) that seem worthwhile.

There seem to be two kinds of twitterees. 1) People you already know, and are following as friends. The more intimate the better. 2) People not your friends you are following because you think they may be interesting to follow. (I guess that is where my 800 followers come in.)

I am looking for recommendations for the latter. I seek to follow interesting twitterpeople I don’t know — someone a complete stranger like me would find witty, insightful, informative, amazing, useful or entertaining. Someone a stranger like you might like to follow. After all this is how blogs began.

If you follow someone like that and think others would benefit from their stream, please post their twitter name here in the comments (or email me). I know about Twellow and Twitterpak, two web sites that categorize Twitterees by supposed subject of interest, but I didn’t find them helpful at all. Few listed stuck to subjects and the better ones were not highlighted. It’s like reading a phone book. If there are other sites or people who are “reviewing” remarkable twitterees, please let me know.

It may be that this medium is not transportable to perfect strangers. We’ll see. If even one or two folks turn up who fit my criteria I will be amazed and grateful.

Again, who are the masters of Twitter? And is there a guide to them?

My Twitter handle is kevin2kelly in case I decide to make a second twitter.

-- KK 01/30/09

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