Ultimate MX Hauler Motorcycle Carrier

Jack-based motorbike trailer hitch

This hauler is one of the most efficient and stable methods I’ve seen to transport motorcycles under the 375lb load limit. It raises the bike, so there’s no need to push your bike up a trailer ramp, which can be challenging depending on your strength. The lift has a hydraulic jack (the same style used to change your tire), which jacks up manually using the jack handle. The bike locks into the lift platform using a U-Bolt clamp on the footpegs, which is the exact center of weight in most bikes. My KTM Adventure weighs around 325lbs (depending on the level of the 7.4 gallon fuel tank) and even when cinched down on a ramp hauler, it tended to bounce around; this rig doesn’t have that problem. A friend recommended it after I mentioned I had picked up a new 640 KTM and was looking at getting a bumper ramp style hauler, which I learned can be unstable. He noted that because my bike is pretty heavy, I’d be much better off using a hydraulic style hauler. He specifically recommended the Ultimate MX Hauler based on his pro MX friends’ feedback. I love it. It’s especially handy when dropping off the bike for repairs — just strap it onto the back of my 4X4 van and I’m off. Fast, safe, solid and simple. The hitch attaches quite easily to your trailer hitch. You will need to purchase an adapter if the vehicle has a lift kit, but Ultimate makes adapters up to 8″; I’m using the 6″ drop. Phoned the factory contact number, purchased it and the thing was on my doorstep the next day. I also found out they’re working on a sport bike version with a 600lb limit.

— Velemir Cicin

Ultimate MX Hauler Motorcyle Carrier
Available from Ultimate MX Hauler

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