Un-Du / Gri Solvent


Adhesive Remover

This stuff is incredible. It essentially undoes any sticky sticker from any surface, and then totally evaporates leaving no mark. As an art teacher, I’d find that masking tape, for example, when left too long on the back of a displayed piece of artwork, was impossible to remove. Un-Du released its stickiness, and AMAZINGLY, after a few moments of evaporation, the masking tape reverts to it’s original sticky state. The original ad for it demonstrated removing a piece of duct tape from a piece of toilet paper. BOTH were intact after a few seconds of application.

— Duffy Franco

Un-Du ($11)
Available from Amazon


Un-Du is nice but it’s way overpriced. I buy the same thing* but a quart at a time. It’s called Grip Solvent and it’s for regripping golf clubs. $0.28 for an ounce instead of $2.75 for an ounce.

— Rob

Grip Solvent ($9)
Available from Value Golf

*[Cool Tools reader John disagrees: “There are many similar products on the market. but their molecular solutions are different and can contain unknown additives that can be harmful to paint and can destroy precious photos.]