Keep your very favorite tweets and dump the rest

I’ve been favoriting tweets ever since I got on Twitter, often tweets with links in them where the aim is to get back to them when I have more time in order to read the links.

The result is that I ended up with hundreds of favorite tweets, to the extent that it became a mess and whenever I wanted to go back to a specific ‘favorited’ tweet invariably I wouldn’t be able to find it.

To solve this, I wanted to erase these tweets in bulk but Twitter itself doesn’t let you: you have to do it one by one. Having researched if there were any apps out there that could do this, I found none until I came across Unfavinator that solves the problem easily and effectively.

All you do, after you log in, is that you see the list of your favorite tweets which you can delete easily. I had some 800 favorites which I deleted in the space of a few minutes when it would have taken me hours to do so otherwise.

Now my favorite tab is clean and filled only with those tweets that really mean something.

-- Paul Grech 06/17/15

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