Universal Network Cable


Easy network cable switcher

The Universal Network Cable is another great gadget that helps me quickly and easily switch to the cable I need when working. You select the cables by rotating the yellow collar to one of the five cables including:

ROLLED: Connect a host to a Cisco(TM) router or switch
CROSSOVER: Communicate directly between computers without a hub or switch
STRAIGHT-THROUGH: Use as a standard RJ45 patch cable
ATM / LOOPBACK: Test if a network card is working by checking for link lights with no need for a hub or switch
T1: Connect to DDS lines / T1 trunk lines

I have had mine a couple of months and found it to be well built and working exactly as advertised. Though you might not need all of the cable types, being able to quickly switch makes this gadget well worth the $30. While I don’t use it often, it has been a time saver when I’ve needed it most.

-- Blaine Gardner 05/3/10