UpLift Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base


Stand while you work at your computer

I’ve used this for a few weeks now in my home office and will never look back. A knowledge worker for 20+ years, I’ve spent my work life sitting. The increasingly virtual work culture means I now work from home most days, which supports even more sitting (I may work the extra hour I save commuting, and even the trip from my home office to the restroom is only a few steps, in contrast to the 100 yard trek required for the same purpose in my office.) And now research corroborates what my body has been whispering to me for a while: sitting is bad for your health.

I was able to easily attach this desk base to my existing desk top, which not only saved me some money but also allowed me to keep my existing office layout exactly as it has been. I stand for most of the day now, usually taking a short sitting break once in the morning or afternoon. I can even raise the desk to a height that allows me to stand on my rebounder (a mini-trampoline) and gently bounce while I work. The real benefit is the ability, with the touch of a button, to adjust the height of the desktop at any time, without disturbing any of my peripherals – the extra monitor, the external keyboard and mouse, the speakers – even in the middle of a meeting.

The flexibility of this desk helped me endure and shorten a back-pain episode that popped up recently. I tend to be a frugal person and the sticker price seemed hefty at first — but the product’s high quality and the likelihood that it will save me visits to the chiropractor justify the price… not to mention that just feeling a little less pain and stiffness is priceless.

-- Emily May 05/21/14

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