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My Jeep is camouflaged to look like a commercial fleet vehicle. I made up a fake company name, appropriated a 1950s-era logo that once belonged to a nuclear energy mutual fund, painted safety stripes on the back, and plastered a fake vehicle number all over the place. I also added flashing yellow lights in the rear window, and a police-style spotlight and rubberized push bumper to the front. VERY FUN accessories … and useful too (when used with discretion). The spotlight is incredibly versatile — you can point/rotate it while sitting in the driver’s seat — and it’s come in handy countless times for roadside emergencies, setting up campsites, or finding house numbers on dark streets.

This urban camouflage guise is very useful for parking in yellow zones, urban/industrial exploration, and crime deterrence. And the thing is… it really works!

The spotlight, bumper, and rear flashers came from my *all-time favorite* mail order catalog: Galls, “The Authority in Public Safety Equipment and Apparel.”

It’s a gold mine, full of handy things that you didn’t think you were allowed to buy.

— Todd Lapin

Galls catalog

The Unity spotlight

Vehicle warning lights & flashers

Unruly crowds? Need riot gear?


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