Vacuum Infuser Mug


Brews tea and keeps it hot all day

We have been using our vacuum infuser mug for about 6 months (every day). It was a gift from a Taiwanese student, a friend of our sons, whose father has a tea company. Jason assured us that they are very common in Taiwan and China.

The mug is used to brew fresh tea (and can also keep that tea hot for several hours). It consists of the mug, a stainless steel mesh filter, and a cap (in our model the cap actually has a small compartment that whoyou can keep loose tea in. To use it you place your loose tea (or tea bag) into the mug, insert the filter, pour in your hot water and screw on the lid. After letting it steep the proper amount, simply open it up and enjoy your tea. Everything is self-contained.

The reason this is such a great tool is that the tea leaves can be used multiple times and you can keep the tea leaves in the mug between usage. You can also enjoy tea anywhere you have the ability to access hot water. All in a self-contained unit that is easy to clean and store.

If Jason hadn’t promised us that he would have his mother send us another one, I would buy a second one so that I could use one when I work away from my shop. Highly recommended.

-- Michael Walters 01/12/16

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