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I’m a part-time musician and have to deal with suitcases of coiled cables every time we set ourselves up. I needed a re-useable, quick release kind of strap to keep this kind of gear in order, and wasn’t sold on the limits and expense of the plastic zip ties, or beaded ties that I had found.

A roll of Velcro Plant Ties is perfect. Rather than the usual two part Velcro, one side of this stuff is fuzzy, the other side has hooks, so it sticks to itself. I can snip off exactly the length I need, and then with one wrap, the cables are secured. I am finding other uses….behind the stereo and computer desk, the cables are now neatly routed and secured … why stop there? Anywhere you need a light-duty, non-marring reusable, quick release wrap. These strips will virtually last forever, and if you lose them, no big deal. Find the roll and snip another length off.

-- Eric Litman 02/14/05

(Electrical stores sell black versions of this wrap as Velcro One-Wrap Tape, but in smaller rolls at higher prices. Or in very expensive pre-cut strips. Velcro Plant Ties rolls are a fantastic bargain if you can live with green. They also work great in the garden (bundling hoses, tieing up vines, etc) and you can get it in rolls as long as 70 feet. -- KK — editors)

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