Autonomous Motion

Velo Orange Porteur Bike Rack


Turn any bike into a custom utility bike

I have been using the Velo Orange Porteur Rack for three years. As a lifelong bicycle commuter I’ve never used a more useful rack. This rack lets me throw my messenger bag or backpack on the rack keeping my back from getting all sweaty, and on the way home I can stop by the store and put groceries on the rack and my backpack. It holds a twelve pack of beer wonderfully. The rail keeps things from sliding off the rack, you don’t need to strap them down. I found a cardboard box that fits perfectly on the rack so I just throw my bag or what ever in the box and go. I have used rear racks and panniers, but I always found them cumbersome and I never knew what to do with the panniers when I locked up my bike and went into a store. The Velo Orange Porteur Rack will turn any bike into a custom utility bike that can carry lots of stuff.

-- Presley Martin 06/30/15