Instant long arms

This black nylon strap is used to carry hefty and unwieldy loads. It has a handle, a d-ring, and a lot of velcro on it, allowing you to cinch a load together and comfortably carry it. It’s rated for 50 pounds, but I’ve used it for maybe 10 pounds more than that. I use it to carry stuff all in one trip which I’d never been able to managed without the strap. It’s six feet long and 2 inches wide, and most of it is velcro, so I’ve not yet run out of strap or had so much extra I couldn’t use it. It’s great for things that are in bunches or are otherwise unwieldy. (It also allows you to say “unwieldy” a lot.) I actually got a load of packages at work today, and wished I’d had mine with me; I might go grab another one.

-- Jeremy Gllissen 03/11/05

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