Victor Fly Magnet Trap


Fly trap with non-poisonous bait

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I’m retired and have converted my garage into a woodworking shop. So, I’m out in my shop several hours each day. The problem is that at certain times in the year there are an enormous number of flies in the area and they are constantly flying into my shop. I checked on the web to see if there was a solution to this. It turns out there is. There are numerous fly traps available but the one I chose to try is called the Victor Fly Magnet Trap. It comes with a powder that you put in the jar and mix with some water. It smells terrible but the flies seem to love it. Then you hang it from a tree or fence, but not too close to where people could smell it. After I hung the first one up in my front yard I was shocked at how many flies it trapped. It only took a few days to catch thousands of flies. The black stuff floating on top of the water was flies it caught in just five days. Pretty gross looking, but it really cut down on the flies coming into my work area. Over this season I’ve emptied and refilled it three times. You can purchase refill packets and reuse the jar. It’s made my woodworking so much more enjoyable not having those pesky critters flying around.

-- Steve Petermann 01/13/17