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Victorinox Bike Tool


Eight bits, stainless steel adapter, two tire levers, and L-wrench

I’ve used this tool 8 months, and more extensively the past 2 months (as I’ve been commuting to work 3-4x a week) by bike. This tool has made it so that I actually bring a multitool with me on my rides. Previously, I had a crank brothers 17 function multitool–which I kept at home, since it was an awkward/heavy chunk of steel. It was awkward to use, as the huge bundle of tools would create an awkward grip. I’ve dreaded using pretty much every other bike multitool, since it’d involve pinching my finger between metal rods to unwedge a stubborn tool. This tool is light, but well thought out ergonomics. While it doesn’t pack 17-21 functions, each function is perfectly implemented. Each bit is precision made by PB Swiss (the world’s best screwdriver maker) in Switzerland. The bit holder is magnetic and doubles as a nifty little wrench. The tire levers are very easy to use, and only slightly worse than the pedro’s tire levers (they’re a little narrower). Furthermore, the corners are all rounded. There only two caveats: the bit holder comes loose, and it costs more than most bike tools with “more features.” In actuality, these are both non-issues for me. 1. I use a rubber band around the multitool, and things stay locked into place. 2. This tool is a rebranded PB Swiss, sold at a steep discount. PB Swiss makes tools that are at least as good as Snap On, Wera, Wiha, and better than Festool.

-- Matthew Lau 01/30/17

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