Walk and Talk/ Pearl Dive

Recomendo - issue #413

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How to do a walk-and-talk

I am about to leave on a walk-and-talk, which is a week-long moving salon. A group of 10 people walk 100km in a week, while in conversation, including a 3-hour conversation each evening dedicated to one topic, suggested by the participants. Craig Mod and I have been running these in many countries to great success and we wrote up all we know in 21 pages so you could host one yourself, with your own group of friends. Free PDF, at How to Walk and Talk. — KK

Walkable neighborhoods finder is an interactive map designed to help you find neighborhoods in the United States that are within a short walking distance of amenities like supermarkets, public transportation, cafes, co-working spaces, bookstores, and other facilities. It’s useful when searching for a hotel, Airbnb, or apartment that’s near the kinds of places that are important to you — MF

Dive into your subconscious

Something that helps me dispel confusion or feelings of resistance in my body is listening to “The Pearl Dive,” a 30-minute guided imagery journey created by Dr. Rosalind Watts. This meditation prompts me to dive deep into my body and away from my thoughts, uncovering buried emotions and desires that I have yet to shine light on. It amazes me that I always discover something new and how uncomfortable feelings can transform into treasures if I just spend a little time exploring my inner landscape. You can learn more and listen to “The Pearl Dive” here, as well as the follow-up meditation “Planting the Pearl as a Seed,” which focuses on integrating the insights gained from the dive. If you’re interested in participating in a communal listening of the meditations, check out ACER’s upcoming events flyer posted to Instagram. — CD 

Memorize language vocabulary with the Goldlist method

The Goldlist method is a language learning technique that involves writing down lists of phrases you would like to learn in a notebook. Each page of the notebook is divided into four sections (1, 2, 3, 4). Every day, you write a list of 8-10 new words or phrases in section 1. After a week, you test yourself on the list, copying incorrect answers to section 2. This process is repeated, moving forgotten phrases to subsequent sections every 7 days. This video explains the process in more detail. — MF

One minute park scenes

If you’re seeking a bit of serenity during your workday, check out this web project that features one-minute videos of parks from around the world. The creator’s goal is to fill every minute of the day with park scenes and is currently accepting contributions. Thanks to Johnny Webber for introducing me to this website in his most recent Link Dump. — CD

Artists to follow

Tastes in music and art vary tremendously person to person. I have no idea whether you’ll enjoy these artists as much as I do, but here is a short list of the artists I follow on Instagram. I tend to follow those who keep surprising me.

I am sure I have only touched the surface of all artists posting. — KK


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