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Wallet Magnifier


Pocket fresnel lens

I’m a maintenance electrician and sometimes need to read tiny serial numbers in dark dirty places or the color code of a resistor or some other value or rating that is difficult to accurately read with the naked eye, and for the past six months, I have found this wallet lens (12-pack for $4) to be the perfect solution. Outside of magnifying small text, I have even used this to start a fire.

The pocket Fresnel makes a brilliant addition to my kit of tools at my job but also is a useful survival tool when I’m outdoors. It fits in my wallet which I’m never without. Even when my kids play with my keys and I can’t find them afterward (or use the tools on my keyring) I know I’ve still got one tool tucked away. The best part of this lightweight super practical EDC? It’s super cheap!

-- John Love 05/9/19

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2011 — editors)