Water Rover


Keep your dog hydrated

The Water Rover is about the best dual-function water bottle for dogs I’ve ever used: it has its own bowl, which remains attached to the bottle when you fill it. The whole rig lays flat on the ground for my dog to drink from or is easy to hold in your hand. And it’s got its own clip to wear on your belt for hiking. It never leaks. If your dog doesn’t finish what’s in the bowl, just open the plug, tip the bottle up, and the water just flows back in, so when you’re on the road – either in a car or on a hike – its easy to conserve water. It’s easier to use than any of the other water bottles I’ve used, which either have a bowl that has to be detached or flipped open. And there is never the worry about carrying a separate bowl for water. I’ve used mine for eight years. It’s BPA-free, can be washed in the dishwasher, is made in the U.S. and comes in five colors and four sizes — I use the regular size, which was fine for keeping my two wheaten terriers hydrated, even on a hot day.

-- Barry Schwartz 08/6/18