Water-Saving Shower-Head Adapter


Saves the hot water wasted during the shower warm up

This is one of those simple devices that solves a little problem in a very elegant way. I have an upstairs shower that takes a while to warm up, so my typical approach was to turn on the water, then wait a while, put my hand in to see if it was warm, wait some more, etc. In the process, I inevitably waste water due to the time between when the water is at the right temperature, and the time I make the final check. By installing this adapter in-line with the shower head (took 5 minutes to install), this daily routine is no more. A few minutes before I’m planning to shower (typically while I’m shaving or brushing my teeth), I turn the water on. As SOON as the water reaches the appropriate temperature (this appears to be pre-set at around 90F), the water flow slows to a trickle. When I’m ready to start, I open the shower door, tap the lever on the device, and the water flows freely. My wife didn’t like the look of the “pull-cord” provided, so we aren’t using that component, but the functionality is identical. I haven’t done the math, but I’m pretty sure that the payback for the $22 investment will be measured in months in terms of water and energy savings.

-- Brad Davids 06/4/18

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