Wet-It! Dishcloth


Alternative to sponges, paper towels, and washcloths

My wife bought a set of these Wet-It Dishcloths and it changed our kitchen and bathroom cleanup habits. We have cut down our use of paper towels by 2/3rds using these reusable towels. The thing that really distinguishes them from sponges and dish towels is their absorbency and easy cleaning. Unlike a sponge or dish towel, they mop up moisture, when well wrung out, almost as good as a fresh paper towel, leaving the surface dry and clean. Throw them in the dishwasher once a week. This is a case of a small change, using a mid-tech solution, causing a profound change in the usage of a product that should be used much less. In other words, a tool win! Inexpensive, habit-changing, good for the planet. 

-- J. Sciarra 01/3/23

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