Recomendo: issue no. 100

Precise memorable addresses
What3Words divides the world into 3 x 3-meter squares and gives each square a unique, unalterable sequences of three random words. For instance the location of my writing desk is “smile.rocket.gates”. This global address is really handy for sending a delivery person to the right part of a building, or meeting someone on at trail head, or locating a home in the large parts of the developing world that have no operational address. It’s better than a lat/long sequence because you can remember it. Works in multiple languages. The phone app version integrates into Google maps, etc. — KK

Keep tabs on neighborhood crime
If you don’t have a Ring doorbell or security camera installed, you can still be alerted of nearby crimes and theft using the Neighbors by Ring app. Once you set up the parameters for your neighborhood you can watch video footage of suspicious activity posted by neighbors (up to 5 miles away). I already own Ring products, so I set up the free Neighbors app to alert me of crimes in my Dad’s neighborhood that I can then forward on to him.— CD

Quickly de-stress with deep breathing
Doing breathing exercises are easier for me if I can focus on something visually. is perfect for that. It’s also helpful if you want to discover different types of yoga breathing. — CD

Gallery of magazine covers
I don’t read many paper magazines nowadays, but I appreciate good magazine covers. I’ve been working for magazines for decades and have learned coming up with eye-grabbing, meaningful covers is the most challenging aspect of publishing. CoverJunkie collects the best covers from magazines all over the world. The have an Instagram account, which is the best way to browse the gallery. — MF

Virtual chill aquarium
Here are 10 hours of oceanic video. Just ten uninterrupted hours of relaxing underwater scenes of fish swimming and bubbling sounds. No narration, no drama. I watched more of this than I thought I would. Outtakes from the BBC’s Blue Planet series. — KK

Strawberry huller
Gimmicky kitchen tools are usually worse than the knives, graters, and other kitchen tools you already own. This little strawberry huller is an exception. The spring-loaded jaws make it a breeze to remove stems, making short work of basket of berries. I’ve used this $7 tool dozens of times since I bought it in 2015. — MF

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 06/24/18

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