What's in My Bag

What’s in my bag? — Barbara G. Young

What's in my bag? issue #80

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Barbara G. Young is a retired web content manager, formerly an editor for Dungeons & Dragons games and magazines. When not stuck at home due to Covid-19, she loves to travel.


About the bag

Arsayo original backpack (On closeout $99. New collection $219-$249). I saw a woman wearing this on the Bordeaux, France, river shuttle and had to have one. Arsayo bags are vegan and are worn like a jacket, which distributes the weight evenly. The tongues of the two front zippers snap behind the back of the bag in order to feel anyone trying to open it.

What’s inside the bag

Denise interchangeable crochet hook kit ($40). I love to buy “souvenir” yarn when I travel, so I always have an assortment of hooks for starting a new project.

Re-Pac reusable small “snack” bag ($20 set of 4, currently unavailable) which perfectly holds four 30ml Nalgene bottles ($6) for oil, vinegar, Maldon salt and Tajin, to spice up my restaurant meals.

Dyetology face mask ($20) like a hug for your face. Soft knit with 93.6% PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) rate, made from recycled water bottles.

Flagpower Apple Watch powerbank ($55, currently unavailable). Works perfectly to keep my Apple Watch charged all day when using battery-sucking apps like Apple Maps.

-- Barbara G. Young 12/16/20

(What's in YOUR bag? We want to hear about unusual and unusually useful items that you carry in your bag. We are especially interested in the specialized bags of doctors, athletes, repair techs, artists, gardeners, hikers, etc. Start by sending an email to claudia@cool-tools.org with a photo of the things in your bag (you can use your phone). If you get a reply from us, fill out the form. We’ll pay you $50 if we run your submission in our What’s in my bag? newsletter and blog. — editors)

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