What's in My Bag

What’s in my bag? — Jeff Carroll

What's in my bag? issue #72

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Jeff Carroll is a fully remote Product Manager who has worked in the software development industry for over 3 decades. He lives out in the middle of the Missouri woods near Mark Twain’s birthplace. His bag goes along when he takes the 3-hour drive to the healthcare system where he works. During the pandemic he has also started sewing his own pouches and bags.


About the bag

Boundary Supply Arclite Sling in Xpac material ($162). Why do I love this bag? One word. Magnets! This bag combines a cool design in VX21 Xpac material with practical use of magnets throughout. There are Fidlock buckles that hold down the lid and connect the sling. Small magnets inside compress the bag so it is very flat when empty yet able to expand. And finally a magnetic keyholder in the front pocket. This bag holds a surprising amount while still appearing small.

What’s inside the bag

Hawbuck Travel Wallet ($67). This thin wallet is made from Dyneema, an ultra-strong composite material. It holds my field notes, a small Fisher pen, passport or work ID, and all the items listed below. I stuck another Fidlock snap magnet on the strap that comes with it so it can attach to the keyholder in my bag.

ThinOptics Reading Glasses ($50). I’m at that point where I only need glasses for some reading. Unfortunately, that means I forget my regular prescription glasses enough that I need to stash a pair as backup. These magnifying reading glasses fold into a case a few millimeters in height and slip right into my travel wallet.

TravelCard Lightweight Charger ($29). Flat is the theme again with a 5mm 1500mAh charger that can give my phone a boost during the day. This version has a lightning charger but other versions offer micro-USB or USB-C. When I travel for longer periods of time, a bigger battery goes in the bag but this one guarantees I’ll always have phone power.

Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool ($33). There are different versions of the Swisscard credit card tool that can slip into a normal credit card pocket. This one comes with a small blade, scissors, rulers, tweezers, magnifying glass, straight pin, pressurized ball point pen, and Phillips screwdrivers. All that I need for the rare work day away from home.

-- Jeff Carroll 10/21/20

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