What's in My Bag

What’s in my bag? — Richard Kadrey


What's in my bag? issue #45

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Richard Kadrey is a novelist and screenwriter living in San Francisco. His books include Sandman SlimThe Everything BoxButcher Bird and the forthcoming, Ballistic Kiss. You can find him on Facebook @richard.kadrey, Twitter @Richard_Kadrey, and on Instagram as @rkadrey.


About the bag
My bag is a Chrome Citizen Messenger model with an Organizer 2.0 insert. I have a lousy right shoulder, so the bag’s buckle strap is perfect for me. It has plenty of room and the reflective material on the outside means I won’t get run down quite so easily at night.

What’s inside the bag
Roku ($49)
I know we’re all locked in at home right now, but in case I’m stranded somewhere without good streaming, I always bring my dedicated travel Roku. They’re great at grandma’s house or hotels. I’m not saying that you should hack hotel TVs, but I am saying that hotel TVs have been hacked.

5TB Seagate Portable Drive ($106)
The Seagate will hold both my video and music libraries. Just plug it into any USB port and you’re ready to go. The unit is rugged, too. I’ve taken drives all over the world without any problems.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM ($250) and Bose QuietComfort Headphones
If I’m stuck somewhere playing video or music from my laptop, I still want good sound. The Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM gives you a lot of power in a small package. If I’m somewhere I need to be quiet, I switch to my Bose QuietComfort 35 Bluetooth headphones.

Pocket Travelers notebook ($12)
I write on the computer so much that sometimes it’s a pleasure to go back to pen and paper. Besides, on planes and trains, it’s often hard to deal with even a small laptop. The notebook is thick leather, so it can take a lot of abuse. I use it with grid notebooks.

-- Richard Kadrey 04/15/20

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