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What’s in my NOW? — Grey Forge LeFey

issue #181

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Grey Forge LeFey is an author, dramatist, artist, and performer living their best life at the edge of the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Member of the hi desert sketch comedy troupe “The Laughing Bones” and resident artist at Shangri-LeFey Studios along with their huzzband, artist Khrysso Heart LeFey.


  • Wacom ONE digital pen display. I’ve been a graphic designer and digital artist for 34 years, since PageMaker was Aldus and Photoshop was version 2.0. In 2015 I retired from corporate design and started painting in oils again. I needed to get my hands dirty. I’ve done that for a while now, and I found my original love of making comics and cartooning has been reawakened. Working on a digital tablet is a terrific blend of having the media under my hands with all the tech bells and whistles available at my pen tip.
  • Instant Omni Plus 10-in-1 Toaster Oven. My huzzband and I don’t have our studio in our house; we live in our studio. A small, streamlined kitchen works well for the two of us, and we don’t have to sacrifice functionality with this incredibly versatile appliance. The convection oven bakes quickly and to perfection, and it toasts, air fries, dehydrates, plus more, and I haven’t even gotten to the rotisserie function yet! Its footprint on our countertop is so much smaller than the real estate occupied by our old range, and it eliminates the clutter of other single-use appliances, too.
  • White Portland Limestone cement. I sculpt outdoor decor like plant pots and statuary by combining cement and extraneous by-products like synthetic fabrics and polystyrene foam. The addition of limestone makes an environmentally friendlier cement than regular Portland, reducing the carbon of production by about 10% and my use of non-biodegradable materials for aggregate and armature reduces the amount of cement needed, resulting in lighter weight products that are still durable. I often also use left-over acrylic latex paint as a binder and for coloration. But it’s the cement that pulls it all together, and I’m conscious of my heritage in that, coming from a long line of masons.


  • Substack. As I’ve entered into my 6th decade, I’m re-evaluating my place in the arts world. Maintaining a balance between performing, writing, and making while sustaining an online presence with the wide range of social media platforms is exhausting. Substack consolidates blogging, a podcast, video, and manages my newsletter mailings all in one dashboard. It grounds me to have a central nerve center and to organize my other social postings from there.
  • My Kindle app. Although I’m not a huge fan of the Kindle reader itself, I love the Kindle service and have it loaded on all my devices. The ability to access books from my online public libraries, pdfs, scripts, ebooks from so many sources, and Kindle Unlimited, and to have the same content available regardless of where I am or what device is at hand is nothing short of phenomenal. And even better, the opportunity to discover authors and works that have transformed me in ways I’d never have experienced without digital media. Who can be an author without being a reader?


When I was in art school one of my profs told me, “If you want to be any kind of artist, then try not to be one. If you can live happily without pursuing that muse, then have a happy life. But if you can’t keep from creating, if you’re miserable without exercising those muscles, then chase that dream with all you’ve got.”

I took that advice and did try to turn my back on the arts, and I was lost. Being an artist has at times been frustrating, lonely, and heartbreaking, but never unfulfilling. I’ve never been sorry I chased it.

What’s in your NOW?

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