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What’s in my NOW? — Guy Schmidt

issue #163

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I’m a UX Designer and Researcher working in civic tech. I live in Maryland with an amazing partner, three great kids, and a really chill dog. I blog about anything at thingstoclick.com.


  • The Elko is a great small pocket knife. The little scraper is the best feature. I get lots of use out of it by prying things open or tightening an odd screw.
  • The SARASA Mark ON Gel Retractable pen is the best “cheap” pen I have found. No smudge, dries quick, writes smooth.
  • Denik layflat notebooks provide good quality for the price. Plus all kinds of artful covers to choose from.


  • Teuxdeux is a dead simple to do list app. Up to a week at a glance plus someday lists for less immediate needs.
  • Raindrop is a really great bookmark manager. The free version is probably enough for most people, but the paid version is pretty neat as well.


  • The idea of work being a way to live, not your whole life. Best summed up by Justin Pot: “My advice: get paid, do work you’re proud of if that matters to you, then focus on building culture in your community, your friend group, your church, whatever it is that gives you meaning. Work will never be that for you.”

What’s in your NOW?

We want to know what’s in your now — a list of 6 things that are significant to you now — 3 physical, 2 digital and 1 invisible. 

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