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What’s in my NOW? — Jessi Stinson

issue #173

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I’ve been a public library reference assistant for over 25 years. I’m a early adopter adopter of new technology, and specialize in teaching tech literacy to the public. I love travel and the outdoors, and all the toys and gadgets that go along with that. During the pandemic I bought an almost 10 acre piece of land and have started the post-apocalypse homestead of my dreams, and have now developed a love of all the cool tools that go with that.
— Jessi Stinson


  • MAOYUE Candle Warmer. My partner is scared every time I light a candle in the house, and I hate how quickly my favorite scented candles burn up. I don’t burn candles for the light, but for the scent, and this candle warmer works perfectly at releasing the aroma while making sure that the house doesn’t accidentally burn down.
  • Medihoney Gel Wound and & Burn Dressing. This stuff is amazing for healing open wounds and burns. I learned about it recently after having open surgical wounds that could not be stitched closed, and had to heal from the inside out (it’s a thing!). Medihoney worked better at healing, protecting and soothing than the strong antibiotic gel my physician prescribed. I will keep this in my first aid kit from now on.
  • Removable Freezer Labels. I keep buying these over and over. They are amazing, and I keep finding good uses for them. I make country wine, and these are perfect for keeping my bottles labeled. They come off easily without residue. They can be moved and reused, and what tickles me the most is that when they get run through the dishwasher – they stay on and the marker doesn’t wash off! I use them all over the house.


  • Your library card. Have you seen your local public library’s free downloadable movies, music, audiobooks, magazines from services like Overdrive, Kanopy, Hoopla, Flipster, and more? I save hundreds of dollars a year accessing downloadable entertainment with my library card. Here is an example of what my library has to offer, all from the comfort of home. I bet your library is much of the same. 
  • The Prehab App. I broke my ankle, and then of all things my wrist last year – both requiring surgery, plates and pins. I am very athletic and participate in a number of outdoor sports like whitewater kayaking, hiking and cycling. I got very depressed, and faced an identity crisis. I tried a number of rehab folks, but no one was as good as the Prehab app. Very professional and very motivating. This was a huge help in my recovery both physically and mentally.


  • As a side gig I help people with self-publishing. Right now I’m working on transcribing a precious civil war diary written by a military surgeon, handed down through the family for many generations. While the description of the war is interesting, I love reading about his daily family life and what he had for breakfast, and how it cost $1 a week to have his laundry done for him, and how he parents his two toddlers. Keep a journal and always remember to write down the mundane. If you can’t think of anything to write, just know that future generations 200 years from now just might love to read about what car you drive and what you had for lunch!

What’s in your NOW?

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