What's in My Bag

What’s in my NOW? — Mark White

issue #175

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Technologist and Podcaster living in Memphis, TN. Always looking to make the best of the next opportunity and a really hot cup of coffee. Tunes:Uncovered is my podcast about songs you probably have not heard but should! — Mark White



  • Spotify — whether it’s listening to podcasts while cleaning the workshop or background music it’s hard to beat Spotify’s breadth of shows, songs, and music.
  • Structured App — Multiple daily reminders of the things a busy person will forget to do. Drink more water, spend 30 minutes on a side project for 30 days, etc.


If you want to be productive, wake up early. If you want to be creative, stay up late.

Not sure who said this but it’s true, at least for me.


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