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What’s in my NOW? — Sara Loud

What’s in my NOW? issue #142

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Sara Loud is the CEO of Accelerated Cure Project, a nonprofit focused on accelerating multiple sclerosis research. Sara loves solving problems of all kinds, being outdoors no matter the weather, and hanging out, preferably in Maine, with her husband and daughter.

Corinthian Bells 50-inch Windchime
Ocean waves make my favorite sound in the world but these beautiful wind chimes are a close second. We have the 50″ ones (hand tuned to scale A) but you can listen to the different varieties on the website to find the perfect set for you!
Surf Brush
During the summer we live in a beach community which means daily walks at the shore. This brush does an amazing job of getting the sand off and does double duty as a soothing brush for our three cats.
Unisex Crocs
I’m sure I had a pair of Crocs during their “fad phase” but that pair is long gone. I just purchased another pair in bright pink when I re-remembered that they are the perfect garden and beach shoe – durable, comfortable, and easy to clean!
My job can be stressful and like many, I have a lot of things on my plate between work and home. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed when I start ruminating on all that remains undone. Meditating daily using the Insight Timer app hasn’t helped me to shed tasks but definitely helps me to calm and quiet my mind. There are so many wonderful teachers who contribute to the content and seemingly endless guided meditations, music tracks, talks, etc!
Merlin Bird ID
I love to be outside and as soon as the weather is even remotely tolerable, I move my “office” outdoors. Our yard is full of feathered friends and while I’d love to be a birder I have a) a terrible memory for details and b) woefully bad eyesight. That doesn’t stop me from sitting in my “outside office” in my lawn chair and firing up the Merlin app whenever I see or hear a new (or old) friend.
When our daughter was born we adopted the phrase “Just right for you” (or “Just right for her”) in response to any comments she or others would make in regards to her attributes (physical, personality, demeanor, etc.). A comment like “She’s so thin/strong/shy/quiet” was greeted with “Yes, just right for her.” The idea was to level out the highs and lows of compliments and criticisms and to reinforce that who and how she is, right now, is “just right.” I feel a near constant urge to do, learn, and be more. I realized the other day that applying the “Just right for me” mantra would be offering myself a grace I have only thus far offered to others. Working on it!

What’s in your NOW?
We want to know what’s in your now — a list of 6 things that are significant to you now — 3 physical, 2 digital and 1 invisible. If you’re interested in contributing an issue, use this form to submit: https://forms.gle/Pf9BMuombeg1gCid9If we run your submission in our newsletter and blog, we’ll paypal you $25.


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