Where There’s a Will There’s an A

How to study smart

I used this video by Professor Claude Olney of Arizona State University when I was in school. The video is rich with specific hints on getting better grades without working harder. For instance: show up for class, sit in the front row, use your highlighter on items you didn’t know instead of the important items, etc. It was a great help to me as an undergrad at MIT (one B and the rest A’s). I’m reminded of it now because I’m watching it again with my daughter as she gets started on 9th grade. (We are using the college version although Olney offers versions for high school and grade school.) Bottom line: this video is a fantastic tool for getting better grades, presented with a nice bit of humor.

— Keith S. Jackson

This an extremely practical set of lessons, with a lot of wisdom and smartness. Although presented in very boring format — a teacher at a lectern podium — my high school kids benefited from watching the college version too.

— KK

Where There’s a Will There’s an A
How to Get Better Grades (in College)
By Claude Olney
DVD, 161 minutes

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