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White Hot Infant Feeding Spoon


Temperature-sensitive spoon

I have a 13 month old who’s been eating “solids” for about 7 months now and these excessive-heat sensitive spoons by Munchkin have made that a much easier adventure. The marketing blurb about the spoon is very accurate: “Heat sensor tip turns white when food is too hot! Suction base allows utensils to stand upright and avoid contact with germs. Flexible soft tip is gentle on baby’s gums while handle is comfortable and easy to hold. Dishwasher safe.”

In addition to the above, the spoons are longer than most of the others on the market which means you have better reach and better lines of attack when your little one tries to parry the incoming food.

-- Todd Holloway 02/3/05

(As of late 2006, Munchkin has redesigned the White Hot Safety Spoon. It no longer has a suction base. -- SL — editors)